Stananco - Did not replace parts removed from car

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Brought my car in for service and asked them to also check my driver window since it would not work.They checked it and gave me a price of $435.00.

I said not to fix it at this time. When I picked up the car, they never put the door panel back correctly, also left wiring exposed on the floor and did not put backsplash for handle back. I took pictures of this in front of the owner and then he said come back next week and we will put it all back togeather. I did this, however they did not do a good job and they said if there is any further problems we will replace the door panel.

Well I did go back since I can no longer open the door without pulling the panel further away from door frame. The owner is now trying to tell me that they can no longer get parts for my car model.

He refused to look at the car and repair the damage they did.Please let me know what steps I can take to have them fix their sloppy work.

Review about: Pontiac.



Quit being a pansy!

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